Taking a Break from My Pursuit of Happiness to Simply ‘Be’ Happy

As we go into the New Year today, we have this tendency to take a look at our lives.  For me, it is easy to see all that I do not have right now – all that my life is missing. . . big huge gaping holes.

. . . however, I have decided that it’s time to . . .

“stop in my pursuit of happiness to simply BE happy!”

As I look back on my year, I realized that there is a huge list of things that my crazy circumstances have brought TO my life!  Things that have enriched my life and things this year has given to me.  I got to thinking of all of the things that happened this year that would not have ever happened had my circumstances not upended my life.

So, here’s my THANK YOU to 2017!!!

Without all that happened this year, I would NOT HAVE ….

  • gotten to live as an expat in another country, a lifelong dream of mine
  • let go of 90% of what I owned, releasing me in ways I never expected
  • been able to unplug and reconnect with my son
  • taken my son to live in another country, something I always said I would do
  • provided my son a view of the world & perspective I never could have given him on my own
  • found release from my biggest fear… other’s opinions
  • exposed the core people in my life
  • found joy in the simplicity of life
  • learned to appreciate the things we tend to take for granted
  • taught again for the first time in years!
  • gotten a puppy for the first time in my life
  • learned Spanish
  • learned how to cook authentic Mexican food and make good salsa
  • watched my son flourish within the freedoms of a true neighborhood community
  • realized there isn’t anything stopping me from pursuing the things I love, except my own hesitations
  • discovered some of the secrets to sensory issues and ASD giving us a new view on life and stronger relationship
  • found I truly have a partner in life
  • gained a whole new family, whom I love dearly
  • fallen in love with a little 4 year old girl who stole my heart!
  • seen my brother for the first time in over a decade
  • taken my son to Disneyland
  • reconnected with some very dear friends in my life
  • or…. discovered what is truly important in my life!

So, here’s a toast to 2017 and looking forward to the good things 2018 will bring my family!!!


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