Reality Check

I wanted to take a moment to give a bit of an update on our immigration status. I say our because it is truly “our” … our whole family, not just my husband. We married and applied for consular processing within a week of being married. When we made that application, we were told it would be a year to year and a half long process from start to finish. We were told that step one of the process was to be an interview with me in which they verified the validity of our marriage. We were told that would happen within three (3) months of application.


Three months turned into 6, which turned into 7, which turned into 9 months…. you see how this goes. The lawyers don’t even have a timeline in which to give us to tell us when to expect it to happen, as everything seems to be on hold. They just keep saying it will be “any day now” … which they’ve been saying for months now.


In order to move forward “in line” for the Greencard, the interview has to take place. Which means we are essentially still at the beginning of the process, with a year and a half (now a projected 2.5 years) still to go… which means what we thought would be a 2 year stay in Mexico might be much longer. We were prepared for the possiibilty that it would be longer than expected, but not quite prepared for this kind of delay.


Not that in the end it makes any real difference, what’s 2 years vs 3 years, but our reality is that with the current administration, there’s no way to know if that 2 years we were expecting will turn into a 4 year (term of service) waiting game before any of the paperwork is even permitted to be put through the process. I can’t say that I am too frustrated by that as I am already here and it doesn’t really matter whether our stay here is 2, 4 or 10 years but it is certainly something to try to wrap your head around!


** UPDATE **

We got some numbers – 3 years ago, 1-130 Application processing times were 127 days, last year, they were 152 days. Currently, the numbers are at 292 days, increasing daily. If you take that and apply it to reality, you are looking at double the timeline (for now) what was expected – then the 2 year timeline looks more like 4 years, at the earliest.

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