“Free Range”

Totally random blog post today about chickens. There are lots of animals here I could write about… in fact I could do a whole series! But, today I was up at 5am as were all the chickens. I had this funny thought. In the USA we buy ‘free range’ chickens because they are healthier, better meat, and better for you. I have always been in support of this, as chicken farms just can’t be a place that raises good healthy chickens, and we’re putting that in our body. Here, however, the chickens are all free range!


Ok, not really, there are chicken farms here, but… I was amused by the thought that, just like the dogs in Mexico, the chickens roam freely around town. Sure, people have fences, but the chickens don’t care and neither do the people. They will stop their car just as easily for a chicken in the street as a cow or a dog. Everyone seems to know who’s chickens are who’s and they all come happily clucking home for feed time. The chickens are truly “free range” and go wherever their fancy takes them. Talk about some ‘healthy’ chickens laying those eggs!! Haha


(And, yes, I know that’s not all that goes into ‘free ranging’… it was just an amusing thought and I need all the happy silly goofy things I can get right now!)

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