Energy in the Water?!

Today I had the strangest experience. We were at my father in law’s house and I went to wash my hands for dinner, when I pulled my hands out of the water, they were vibrating! Not shaking, not pulsing, … vibrating like electricity was running through them.


Here, many homes do not have indoor plumbing and they function using buckets of water. Everything is plastic, so there is no metallic contact anywhere. The water comes from the well into the buckets, then into smaller buckets used for washing. In this case, the bin I used to wash my hands was freshly dipped and I simply rinsed my hands, used the bar of soap, rinsed them and when I pulled them out they were vibrating?! It was strong enough and strange enough that I mentioned it to my husband, but he shrugged not knowing what to say.


I would have probably forgotten it, except when dinner was over I washed my hands again and it happened a second time!


I have no idea if it was an energy thing, or some mineral, or somehow picking up the electricity in the ground/air, but it’s not something I will forget!

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