Earthquakes & Hurricanes


Where I am located in Mexico is far inland, but nestled between two coastal areas. In the last month, we have experienced quite the effect of natural disasters as we have had two hurricanes come through one coast and a major earthquake hit the other coast. Knowing where we would be in Mexico, I had researched this plausibility before coming here and it was not something of major concern as the area has not had any major touches by Mother Nature in over 4 decades and even then, it was somewhat of a fluke occurance. I don’t know, maybe we are not the best luck for Mexico, jeje! (Not really, the whole globe is experiencing all sorts of natural disasters and back “home” in Oregon the whole area I lived in is in smoke from fires!) We have been kept safe and sound through it all, and for that I am very grateful.


The first hurricane that hit travelled inland and although it did not cross where we are living, we certainly got the high winds and quite a bit of rain. There was one night that kept us awake from the crazy winds and we lost a few tree branches, but nothing horrible.


The second to hit was an 8.2 earthquake off the southern coast of Mexico. Of course, my son slept right through the whole thing despite my attempts to wake him. He just asked me to get off the bed because I was shaking him and shoved me away when I told him it was an earthquake. Ha! It was not a small quake and a little scary! It shook us for about 10 mins with the immediate after quakes. Most people here have never experienced an earthquake, much less one so large. The last large one to hit this area was in the 70’s I am told and it was smaller. There was another in 95? but again, not as big, but the only one most people here remember. My husband had never experienced one and was quite freaked out – I only fared slightly better since I had experienced one earthquake close to that level when I lived in Los Angeles.


Today, we are getting the rains from Hurricane Irma (and Jose is not far behind), which ripped through the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Cuba and is currently hitting Florida. Why we are getting the rain when it is heading North is a mystery to me, but this is definitely not normal weather for around here! We are under water and it has been raining all night and all day today (normally it rains for an hour or two), and rain is coming in through the ceiling, the doors and blowing in through the windows. We don’t have the high winds they are experiencing elsewhere. I can’t even imagine what it is like in the places the hurricane actually touched and my heart breaks for everyone in the path, experiencing just the outskirts of the wrath.

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