TIRED of Being Sick!

I have now been sick for over a week with this stomach infection and I am miserable. I am not so oblivious that I don’t realize that part of it is stress, part of it depression, but I am also quite ill. Fevers everyday and I basically can’t eat anything without either diarrhea or stomach cramps. I am on antibiotics, but they are injections in my ass and they hurt like hell! Not the needles, the medicine going in. 2 days ago, I came back and cried for 20 mins and used an ice pack for 45 min before I could move. I am not being dramatic… it hurt (I think they hit a nerve)! The medication is strong and my body particularly sensitive to medication, so when the antibiotics started I actually got worse – because I had a reaction to the antibiotics. I am tired of being sick.


I am also very tired of being stuck in this house! I am dreaming of far away places. I know it’s partially that I am not feeling well, so I am not making any decisions today but man, I want out of here. Away from all the frustration, anger, hurt and lack of ability to find joy in life.

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  1. Sending e-hugs. I hope you feel better soon. Yes, no decision making until you’ve been healthy for at least a week because our brains don’t make good decisions when we are toxic. Love you!

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