How Is One Supposed to Work?

I am having one of those tear my hair out kind of days!


I don’t know how I am supposed to make money here?! I came down to Mexico with three ideas – one, I could teach English; two, I could keep designing with my company, Muse; three, I could just get a job somewhere local. All seem to be failing!!


No, that doesn’t mean I am giving up… far from it. But, damn.


I love, love, love teaching!!! I really want to be able to teach here – we are in the midst of summer vacation, so jobs are not available right now, but I hope to be able to find one soon. I have been teaching on my own – classes at my sister’s house, but they are not going so well since the students don’t show up for classes!!


So, I figured I needed to find something else to do – I thought teaching online would be a good option, but the internet connection here is not good and although I could go buy internet, I don’t have the money. And, even though I can go to an Internet Café, they are not open during the hours I need to be teaching since most of the jobs are overseas.


So, then I figured I could figure out packages for designing with my company, Muse. I have been doing it for over a decade and figured I can do it here just as easily. I went through all sorts of options about how to do it from Mexico and landed on a pretty good idea, but I can’t get it off the ground because there’s no way to shoot the videos I need here!!!   The backend of setting it all up is daunting enough, but everytime I try to shoot video I find that it’s quite impossible!! Either there’s no internet for live video, or if I go straight to recorded video (which is fine) there’s no way to shoot even a 2 min video without interruption. I got up early this morning, did my hair, put on my makeup (the first time since coming to Mexico!), got dressed and had rehearsed the night before. I reread the script and was ready – the light was perfect, there was nothing to distract from doing it! There was no loud music blaring or tortilla motorcycles honking their horns. There wasn’t any talking from the neighbors or trucks driving by or drunk people shouting down the street. But, there was the washing machine humming, the dogs going crazy barking – if not my dogs, then the street dogs, the train that decided to come by 3 hours late, and my neighbor shouting my name because they needed something. I had a 1-hour slot that I could use – the sun was up and the light was good and the noise hadn’t started. But, no! No such luck. I tried anyway, but the background noises were just too much. Now I am feeling depressed, frustrated and I want to go back to sleep!

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