An Interview

Today, I had an interview for a teaching position here in Mexico. I haven’t had an interview (unless you can consider potential client meetups) in …. well, a really long time! I interviewed with one of the technological prep schools here, which are like our Trade Schools, for a position as an English teacher. It went well and I interviewed with 4 different levels of administration. They want me! However, the paperwork might be an issue. There are a lot of requirements for formal paperwork and translations and certifications/permits here for teachers as they are one of the most well paid positions in Mexico. We will have to see if it works out or not, but it was exciting to think of the possibility! A real job.


I would have a class of students who would be more likely to show up to class and that would make teaching a language much easier, haha. The thing is, I know I can teach these ‘kids’ English – I am a good teacher and haven’t lost that skill and I understand how difficult learning a language can be! I think being a struggling Spanish student myself, they can relate and feel comfortable with me as a teacher and I know how to format the class for more focus on conversation and learning above and beyond vocab and grammar! Here’s hoping!!!


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